Water stewardship at Simplot goes beyond efficiency; it’s also about keeping water clean, safe and available for the next generation of farmers, ranchers and neighbors.

Taking a Fresh Look at Water Conservation

Healthy, thriving watersheds are central to food production. That's why we work from the mountains to the valleys with key partners to improve water availability and quality. We also work at our sites to continuously improve water efficiency. Water stewardship and agricultural water efficiency are key components of our strategy. Because water is a shared resource, we work in partnership with others to be good stewards of oceans and rivers.


Caring for Watersheds

We work in concert with our communities to care for watersheds and aquatic life.

Restoring a Watershed

As a partner in the Upper Blackfoot Confluence, we work together with our neighbors to improve habitat.


Agricultural Water Efficiency

We are committed to increasing agricultural water efficiency across our business units around the world.

SmartFarm® Technology

Simplot Grower Solutions offers crop advising and a service that enables farmers to use equipment that measures water moisture via probes in the field. The SmartFarm technology, which can be controlled remotely via smartphone, includes GPS and topographical data to help growers save water by understanding where water is being applied and where it is needed.


Water Partnerships for Progress

The definition of a watershed embraces the idea of partnership: Several streams coming together in a powerful network that can literally move mountains. Similarly, we approach water stewardship from a partnership approach, knowing we can achieve more together.

Sourcing Seafood Responsibly

In 2021, Simplot Australia and their John West brand celebrated a 10-year partnership with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature Australia (WWF - Australia). Together, we play a key role in the long-term health of our oceans, supporting conservation projects and committing to ensuring sustainable fisheries for generations to come. Read more about the actions Simplot Australia is taking.

Our Other


We are committed to protecting our environment through the responsible management of its natural resources.

4Sight 2030 Goals

We're pledging to reduce energy, carbon, water and waste across our production facilities worldwide.
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